How it Works

It's easy and convenient to save on medications.

Use your inSourceRx Prescription Savings card when you fill a prescription.

Here's how it works:

1. Access your card
Start by accessing your personalized inSourceRx Prescription Savings Card. You can download the card via email or text, print the card or have it mailed to you.

2. Check your savings
Enter the name of the prescription you need to fill on our easy form. Having the name of the medication handy will assure you see all the options available to you.

3. Find a pharmacy
Simply enter your city, state or zip to find pharmacies near you who honor – and recommend – the inSourceRx Prescription Savings Card.

4. Show your card and SAVE
Show your card via text, saved email or printed card to your pharmacist when you submit your prescription to be filled. If you’ve had your prescription called in, show your inSourceRx Prescription Savings Card when you pay for your prescription.

Frequently asked questions

When you order your card, you will get many copies to share with friends and family. Your name will be on a couple for you. There is space for them to add their names until they come to the site to order their own.

To use your inSourceRx Prescription Savings Card for your pet meds, have the prescription called into a participating pharmacy, then simply show your card to enjoy the savings. You can always check to see if the medication is on the list of inSourceRx pharmacy savings.

inSourceRx is not insurance, but in some circumstances, it can complement insurance benefits.

Every insurance plan is different. The benefits for each depend on whether your insurance company will reimburse you or allow you to count an inSourceRx purchase towards your deductible. You should always check with your insurance company.

Can I use my HSA (Health Savings Account) with my inSourceRx card?

You can use funds from your HSA for inSourceRx purchases – even if your insurance plan doesn’t cover the medication you need – as long as the purchase is for a qualified medical expense as specified by the IRS.

According to IRS Publication 502, here are the details of all areas of legitimate expenses under medicines:

You can include in medical expenses amounts you pay for prescribed medicines and drugs. A prescribed drug is one that requires a prescription by a doctor for its use by an individual. You can also include amounts you pay for insulin. Except for insulin, you can’t include in medical expenses amounts you pay for a drug that isn’t prescribed.

Please note that most weight loss programs are not covered by the IRS and appear on both the eligible and ineligible lists for an HSA.

It’s always best to consult your insurance company to understand what you are entitled to with your plan.

Thank you for letting us know. This sounds like an unfortunate miscommunication. May we please have the name of the pharmacy so that we may work to clear this up? Simply contact us here.

When we list the causes we will support with use of the inSourceRx Prescription Savings Card, you simply select the cause you want to support and we’ll give accordingly. You may also request a custom card with that cause’s logo on it for you to proudly carry.

Your savings of up to 80% (depending on your medication) are not affected by what inSourceRx gives to causes.

We are sorry to hear that your pharmacist is not on our network of pharmacists. If you would like to contact us with the name and address of your pharmacy, we will work to get them on the network. In the meantime, please consider visiting another pharmacy located conveniently near you.

We would really appreciate that! Please connect the appropriate person to Bob Gevelinger here via email or phone: 608-346-2800.

We would really appreciate that! Please connect with Bob Gevelinger here via email or phone: 608-346-2800.

No. There is no charge for companies and organizations to sign up for inSourceRx’s giving program. And, inSourceRx provides a wealth of marketing and promotional materials to encourage the use of the card and subsequent giving.